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RIF: Daniel Archard – Developing the renewable energy evidence base

By July 11, 2012One Comment

RIF posts: This series of posts looks at the RIF workshops. See here for an explanation.

Daniel Archard of Verco, which delivered the CRIF evidence base work packages, explained how the evidence base works and is developed.

He started off by explaining how an accurate, well developed evidence base underpins all the elements of delivering a strategy for a low-carbon future – from planning, target setting, and the development of a framework. In place it would help you to answer the vital questions, including:-

  • What is your local renewable energy resource?
  • How has it been estimated?
  • What is the current contribution?
  • Are your targets achievable?
  • Are existing policies supporting the right technologies in the right way?
He summarised, by telling people what the evidence tells you…
  • Investment potential – e.g. £6 Billion potential in Cambridgeshire.
  • Scale of infrastructure.
  • Resource potential – identifies which technologies have the potential.
  • Common platform of information enables investment planning and key delivery partners to come together.

See the whole presentation below…



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