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RIF: Catherine – Project methodology

By July 11, 2012One Comment

RIF posts: This series of posts looks at the RIF workshops. See here for an explanation.

This presentation explained the methodology that was shaped and used for the Cambridgeshire Renewable Infrastructure Framework and has now been modified to be applied elsewhere. At the RIF workshops Catherine Howe, who led the engagement work, explained the main elements in a presentation, which you can see below.

The main points were:-

  • Be honest – make sure that you express the challenges that you face.
  • Remember that this is not a consultation. You should look to build your framework with the people who will use it. This is best achieved by holding open meetings that help to shape the project.
  • The technological base line describes what is possible and filters this through the planning behaviours. It also suggest different ways to reach targets and the potential for inward investment.
  • Catherine said: “If you want people to be involved in the RIF, you need to involve them in creating it.”
  • By making your engagement digitally it gives you a complete and open record of the face-to-face meetings. It is also cheaper, you reach more people and allows you to be agile.
  • The process is about co-production so all the groups you engage need to act – and the decision makers need to make firm commitments.
  • By the end of the process you will have you RIF but also built a network of people to use it.
See the presentation below…

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