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RIF: Catherine – Planning exercise

By July 11, 2012One Comment

RIF posts: This series of posts looks at the RIF workshops. See here for an explanation.

In this short presentation, Catherine sets out the steps of the planning exercise for the RIF…

Planning exercise

Catherine explains the way that the RIF project can be formed…

  • She said it that you need to map the important people – including decision makers, influencers, gate keepers (people who need to authorise access to groups and assets), experts and politicians. At this point you need to make sure you haven’t missed anyone out!
  • Scoping the project: you need to set out the challenges, assets and any initiatives that you can connect to.
  • Finally, Catherine said that it’s important to think about reciprocity. As she explained, the building of a network involves give and take – and it’s crucial to think about what you will be giving to people in return to people who you are hoping will become involved in the process. This is about identifying positive byproducts from your work – and thinking about your audience.
See the slides, here:

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