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RIF: Catherine – Complex problems need complex solutions

By July 11, 2012One Comment

RIF posts: This series of posts looks at the RIF workshops. See here for an explanation.

Public-i was responsible for delivering the CRIF’s engagement strategy and took responsibility of the collaborative process that was used to create the CRIF.

As Catherine, our chief exec, was the lead consultant for the engagement strategy she was able to provide the RIF workshops with an overview of how the work was developed and carried out. This looked in detail at the way that the different elements and communities that had an interest in the project were brought together.

Catherine was also facilitating the workshop – and her presentation was split into three parts:-

  1. Complex problems need complex solutions (below)
  2. Project methodology
  3. Planning

Complex problems need complex solutions

Catherine started off by making a number of statements, including:-

  • The time for debate is over – we now need to start finding ways of delivering a low-carbon future.
  • This is not about consultation, it’s about genuine engagement.
  • Digital media is now mainstream – and we need to use it intelligently to communicate and to have a conversation.

She then went on to set out the RIF:-

  • What the RIF is (a technical baseline, an assessment of investment potential and the steps to deliver it and develop the network to support it)
  • Why you need a RIF (how its complexity – in terms of the diverse actors who need to come together as well as the technical, social, political and economic issues at play make such an approach essential).

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