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New-look Public-i and Connect Social launch

By June 25, 2012No Comments

Brand online is a layered thing – it’s demonstrated in your visual identity, the tone and the nature of the content you create and it’s not just about the logo. However, when the tone and content have all changed then it’s time for the logo to catch up. We think Public-i has changed enormously over the last few years and we wanted to reflect this in our visual branding – we hope you like it.

It’s a busy week for us because not only are we switching over all the branding (and purging the office of non-compliant corporate objects and tattoos) we are also, more importantly, launching our new product, Connect Social, in public beta.  Here it is:

Connect Social screen shot

Connect Social screen shot

We know that as our clients and their audiences become sophisticated users of video and more active users of social media and content sharing, our product needs to reflect this greater level of ambition – and I am really pleased that Connect Social does exactly this.

Connect Social builds on the core features of Connect and brings in four new features:-

  • Identity Management
  • Access Control
  • Richer statistics and measurement
  • More sophisticated embedding and sharing features

All of which means that you can not only create context rich webcasts as you can with Connect but with the ability to hold a more measurable and interactive conversation with your audience. You will be able to track the sharing of your content and also drill down and show content, for example, against individual speaker profiles so that you provide your members with a comprehensive list of all their contributions in a format that they can embed on their own websites. We are particularly pleased with the new ‘travelling widget’ functionality which supports sophisticated embedding on partner and community websites.

We’re really excited about the launch of Connect Social and it builds on both our established Connect platform and also the work we have been doing with Citizenscape. We have perhaps done the most work on the user experience and you will see this echoed in the update to our other products – more on that soon. Thanks again to the many of you who have helped with this process – I’d like particularly to thank the team here at Public-i who have been working like fiends for the last few months.

If you have people attending LGA Annual conference then please do send them to stand R18 for a demo.

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