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Updating the Police and Crime Commissioner map

By June 11, 2012No Comments

After a bit of a hiatus we’ve just updated the Police Crime Commissioner candiates map we created a while ago – with thanks to my colleague Andy Baker – by using information provided by the Police Foundation here. Thanks to them, too!

Andy’s keeping up to date with everything that’s going in the PCC debate at the moment and we’re trying to tweet a couple of interesting things each day to keep people informed on what’s going on.

We’ve been using the hashtag #PCCpolice because we found that #PCC is used for any number of other things.

The map appears to have been pretty popular so updating it is worthwhile – but we were asked if we could add vectors, the shapes of the Police Force areas, to it.

While it’s possible, it’s not a brilliantly easy thing for me to do in a very straightforward way, but I’ll continue to work on a solution so that the next generation of the map is better.

At the moment the map only holds the names of the candidates but both the Police Foundation and others (see Russell Webster‘s lovely Twitter list) provide some very good information on the candidates’ credentials).

See the data here.

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