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Mapping candidates for the Police and Crime Commissioner elections

By February 10, 20125 Comments

The very, very nice people at the Police Foundation let us use the data they’ve diligently collected here to create a map of police and crime commissioner prospective candidates.

This follows a chat on Twitter following on from our blog post about PCCs here. I’d tweeted about the Police Foundation spreadsheet and then Dave Briggs suggested that maybe it would be good if the data was in a Google Spreadsheet and then I offered to make a map out of it.

The Police Foundation was very happy for us to use the data as long as we attributed it – and said it would be updating the spreadsheet every week.

There’s more information  the Police Foundation’s spreadsheet than ours – because to visualise this well(ish) you need to remove fields – so that’s the gospel truth. Our one is a mere facsimile.

I’ll try to keep track of their spreadsheet – with the map and the Google spreadsheet  – so that’s a useful resource, too. And I’m hoping to get a functioning version of the map on to our Citizenscape soon. This resource is run by Public-i’s Daniel Herrera and we’re using it to curate information and opinion about the development of police and crime commissioners. Please take a look at that here!


UPDATE: Just to clarify, the locations used on the map are those of the current police authority headquarters – n0t of the candidates. This appears to have caused a little confusion!Enhanced by Zemanta

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