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Oxford Social Media Conference

By September 28, 2011No Comments

Here are the slides I used at a conference I was facilitating last week in Oxford thanks to Oxford City Council’s well oiled machine of a communication team:

Included in this set is the social media quiz designed by our own Mr Andrew Brightwell – contact us separately for the answers! I’d like to thank the participants for their very active contributions as well – it was a fairly lively session.

I also used the excellent Social Media Planning game from Dave Briggs at Kind of Digital – he very kindly provides all the resources for this here. Dave has also done a good basic guide to Twitter which I think would answer some of the questions that people had about practical ‘how tos’ and information sharing.

We also recorded all the comments that people left at the end as to what they would take back to their desk and it was really good to see some concrete ideas that people can act on to start to translate ideas into something useful and practical.

We had a brilliant presentation from Thames Valley Police as part of the day, who spoke about how the role of social media shifted during the recent unrest – with the emphasis of activity moving from press to the more immediate social channel.  They had done a great job of adjusting their approach on the fly in the face of a crisis like that but it’s probably a timely reminder for all organisations to think about where social media currently sits within your emergency planning and check that it’s being included.

One of the things that impressed me about the make-up of the participants was the variety of organisations – given the need for more partnership working in general and the common-sense fact that irrespective of the number of public sector bodies are involved there is only one community in a place (well – lots of networks etc within that but you know what I mean) it’s good to see this kind of approach taken early on.  I’m really looking forward to seeing what they do next…

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