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Unite "The Interactive Player"

By January 19, 2011No Comments

As part of our developing Connect service, we ran a one day Event for Unite for their growing campaign “Don’t Break Britain” – Having ran an event for Unite last year they knew what to expect from our standard event package. However, this time we were keen to do things differently and introduce a more interactive¬† service and help manage the social media back channel which was growing rapidly within the campaign.

Here’s how we did it:

1. Introduction of our “Interactive player”:

Embedding the rich content player into the Connect framework and adding the twitter widget you can still use all the features of the from the Rich Content Player and keep an eye on what tweets are appearing.

Tag Cloud: Notice the tag cloud has a number of words appearing, they are being generated from the twitter widget [which is set to follow/search #dontbreakbritain]

2. Interactive/debate/chat [moderated]:

By adding Cover it Live into the interactive page, comments, questions and general debate can be recording in real time, but also moderated by the client [using the cover it live console].

3. Embed and set free:

As part of the campaign Unite set up a separate microsite this was able to house the embed player so live and archive.

4. Connect it all together:

Using the Connect Citizenscape platform Unite was able to add other elements to the webcast, Blog feeds, twitter searches, the embed player etc. This can be built up and helped grow once the campaign gets moving, other elements of Citizenscape can be introduced to give the campaign a Social Media presence and space.

Generally the event has been a huge success with around 1500 live hits to the webcast. We will be adding some extra clips over the next few weeks, from introductions and updates. Watch the space grow and conversations build.

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