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Public-i support unions and associations, helping them reach more members online

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9570 viewers have watched the GMB Trident Conference 25th February 2016

Benefits for unions and associations:

  • Helps your campaign reach more people

  • Key part of your communications strategy

  • Promotes content and attracts more members

  • Encourages engagement and debate

  • Makes meetings more accessible

  • Demonstrates accountability and transparency

  • Saves time and resource for meetings

  • Permanent digital record

  • Helps you become paperless

  • Keeps content in context

Our skilled technicians are experienced in capturing congress meetings, AGM’s and conferences.

Can be used internally for webinars, member training and staff briefings.

RMT Web Editor

Andrew Brattle

“As a democratic and campaigning trade union, the RMT Annual General Meeting holds vital importance. It serves to instruct future policy and holds to account all union activity.

An AGM decision was passed to enable all future meetings to be broadcast live on the internet. This would mean RMT members could have full access to the decision-making process, ensuring inclusivity and transparency.

RMT has enjoyed an extremely positive relationship with Public-i who have consistently delivered a reliable live streaming service that fully meets all RMT requirements. The benefits to RMT have been numerous as live streaming the event has helped to encourage more members to get directly involved in union decision-making. Live streaming has also increased attendance of, as well as participation in, the AGM.

RMT has been proud to work in partnership with Public-i as they consistently strive to improve their service and deliver a quality product on behalf of our 85,000 members.”

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