Public-i Event Booking Form
Please use this form to inform Public-i of an event that you require us to webcast. Once we have received this form we may contact you for further information.
Event bookings will not be confirmed until the we have received the event booking form.
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Technical details
  1. Does the venue have existing audio e.g. a delegate mic conference system? If not Public-i can provide Audio for an additional charge. Please input the make / model of your existing conference system or enter contact details of the person at the venue who could provide more information.
  2. In order to webcast live over the Internet, Public-i require a wired Internet connection that has the following ports open:

    Out bound port access requirements: - TCP [http] - TCP [https] - TCP [http uploads] -,21 TCP [ftp uploads] - TCP [public-i messenger] - TCP [public-i mis] - TCP [flash streaming] - TCP [VNC to office] - TCP [VNC to office]

    DNS TCP / UDP - to your normal dns servers

    To publish webcasts or use Just In Time (JIT) slides,80 TCP [http]
  3. Our standard events kit includes High definition cameras, tabletop microphones and dual delegate microphones.
Event set up
  1. If the event is cancelled within ten days of it taking place then Public-i will charge a £400 cancellation fee.
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